PAVEZYUM CO; performs production and sale actions in chemical industry by fulfilling the legal requirements and gratifying customer requests.  Pavezyum assures:

  • Keeping customer satisfaction at highest priority.
  • Providing production and service activities with well trained and qualified personnel.
  • Fulfilling R&D and Product Development studies upon elemental boron and metal borides & carbides & nitrides.
  • Aiming to be among the leading companies  by following technological progress, without compromising trust, reliability and fairness principles.
  • Providing the safety and security of the team members and subsidiary collaborates against potential risks and occupational incidents.
  • Caring the environmental health and safety issues and providing the outmost importance for better and cleaner life.
  • Foreseeing the potential risks, planning to avoid occupational accidents and taking action plans to ensure the safety and security of the working environments.
  • Building the awareness, enhancing the knowledge and contributing the national and global values of environmental issues.
  • Improving and enriching our Integrated Management System Policy continuously as the whole team of Pavezyum.

General Manager


Translated from the Form Nr: DD.03-Rev:04 / 20.01.2021

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