PVZ nano Boron
Elemental Amorphous Boron Powder
with >98.5 % Boron Content

Typical Chemical Analysis Content


Chemical Analysis

Boron 98.5 % min.
Magnesium 0 % max.
Moisture 0.50 % max.
Water Soluble Boron 0.50 % max.

Physical Characteristics

Sub-micron particles ( <250 nm)

Typical Applications

Boron products are being used in wide variety of applications

  • Solid rocket propellant fuels and explosives
  • Superconductors
  • Neutron absorbers
  • Pyrotechnic mixtures
  • Airbags igniters
  • Refractory metal borides
  • Reducing additive for soldering stainless steel
  • Oxygen scavenger for copper and other metals

Pavezyum also produce PVZ Boron 86, PVZ Boron 90, PVZ Boron 95 (MIL-B-5109),
PVZ B-Mg (Magnesium coated elemental amorphous Boron)
PVZ B-Al (Aluminium coated elemental amorphous Boron)

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